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  • Laura Smith

VALIDEI Research Perspectives

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

VALIDEI founder, Laura Smith, shares her beliefs about DEI research and how they've shaped VALIDEI's responsible approach and offerings

I believe D&I research should be an example of D&I itself: it should diversify who’s invited to shape its design and expand who’s included in interpreting its outcomes. Research is not data collection to subsequently address your D&I – it's an opportunity to already include and empower your people.

“D&I research should exemplify - not just enable - D&I development.”


Let’s make people the priority in research. Before rushing to administer a survey, first confirm that your employees are supported, that their voices will be heard, and that their input will genuinely impact the organization. Audit your organization – assess your current climate and readiness to respond – to ensure that participants will be truly safe, not just anonymous.

I’m convinced that, above expedient, D&I research ought to be responsible. As a researcher, I have a responsibility to approach people’s experiences safely and inclusively -- and, in practical terms, that means offering multiple ways for participants to engage and be heard.


From D&I Safety Audits to Inclusively-Designed Surveys and Interactive Insights (with focus groups, interviews, and discussions) to Experimental Research, VALIDEI offers D&I research options with full inclusion, respect, and responsibility. We do so because your people matter, and it would be our privilege to support them with research methods that both exemplify and advance your company’s D&I.


To discuss how VALIDEI research can support your organization in its D&I development, don't hesitate to book a free consultation to discuss your current needs.

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